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Our Mission

Based on the premise that one man’s pleasure can meet another man’s need.

The mission of VIRTUE to provide upscale entertainment possibilities to the public and utilize the proceeds from said events to meet the goals of our organization (offering most programs and services to the Charlotte Community for Free).

It is further our mission to promote the developmental enrichment of youth by offering structured activities outside of what is available in school. As well as providing emergency services to those in need and empowering these same individuals to self sufficiency.


Established in 1995, VIRTUE, Inc, originally began as an idea stemming from a way to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis. We expanded to all areas of need and became active in 1996. VIRTUE is comprised of a group of people who identify a need, whether it affects an individual, family community of society as a whole. Upon identifying the need, we are willing to go the extra step to meet that need or at least offer some assistance. Members of VIRTUE take this responsibility with little regard to compensation. We gain pleasure and self-gratification form holding to our philosophy. VIRTUE is an organization that operates primarily from donations and contributions of other who share our mission and philosophy. VIRTUE is certified and licensed in many areas of expertise, VIRTUE is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Our Board

La'Shell Clark

Felisha Clark

Alfonza Marshall

A. Mnumo

More From VIRTUE


Our Emergency services program offers assistance with rent, utilities, food etc upon approval to individuals in crisis.


VIRTUE Supports alot of community lead scholarships such as North Rowan Connection Choir. VIRTUE looks to participate in a vast amount of scholarships in the future with your support.


Utilizing resources within our organization or through collaboration; various individuals work in unified efforts to act as a conduit or support in meeting a need.

VIRTUE INC. - A Non Profit Organization

Po Box 35492, Charlotte, NC 28235

(704) 568-1490

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