Upcoming VIRTUE Events

Project Restore Launch

April 16th, 2018
Project Restore is a housing rehab project that will enable properties to be renovated for the purposes of providing Community Based Housing to Veterans as well as women affected by Domestic Violence. Renovations and or supplies will be provided by companies, organizations, and community volunteers who make in-kind contributions, donate funds, time and resources to support this effort.


Community Lighting

In keeping with our mission to provide emergency services to those in need and empower the same individuals to self-sufficiency VIRTUE has embarked
upon an endeavor to provide wellness programming and Community based Housing to Veterans and Women affected by Domestic Violence. Gleaning from 2 Kings 4 the woman was told to collect jars from neighbors in order to support her
son and herself. Along with faith she did so. It is in that spirit that I ask you to purchase a jar to be represented at a community lighting to be held throughout 2018. Locations TBA
Proceeds will benefit the aforementioned.


Guest Whose Coming to Dinner will host the Who’s Who of Charlotte and beyond. The highlight of this event will provide at risk youth who have made a U-Turn toward a positive direction; the opportunity to interact with role models they may not come in contact with on a day to day basis. Invited reception guest(s) may include Professors, Professional Athletes, Actors ,Coaches, Corporate Heads etc.


The VIRTUE Board of Directors and Staff invite you to a night of fine foods and fabulous music during the Annual gala and Silent Auction.


This fundraiser serves to introduce VIRTUE to individuals who are interested in being a part of the furtherance of our mission. Proceeds from this event support SIP (Socially Interactive Programs )and ESG-Emergency Service Grant.

Special Guest Malik Yoba and Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant.

past & FUTURE


Swan Awards

February 3rd 2018

SWAN Awards will honor and award organizations businesses, individuals and non-profits that don’t have a planned giving program and are more grass roots oriented. Awardees will have a proven record of Serving With Altruistic Nobility. 



Tom Coker

Tom is owner of Carolina Select Foods as well as multiple businesses here in Charlotte and surrounding. Mr. Coker has assisted VIRTUE in supporting programs for families. He prefers that his service to others be done with intention and not attention.


Tre' Tailor

Tre’ Tailor is multi talented, Award Winning and entrenched in Radio, TV, as well as  Music. she has touched listeners all over the East Coast and has worked with Tom Joyner/Morning Show, CNN, NBC, and Fox Affiliates and more. Countless companies have entrusted Tre to be the face and voice for their products on both radio and television

Swan Award Recipients

VIRTUE INC. - A Non Profit Organization

Po Box 35492, Charlotte, NC 28235

(704) 568-1490


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